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What do we celebrate?

This half term, we're looking at celebrations. At this time of the year there are many celebrations from different cultures and religions and we enjoy learning about special events that are different from ours to help develop our understanding of the world around us. We begin to notice similarities and differences between ourselves and other people and show interest in different way's of life. 


Before our half term holiday in October, we'd already started to show an interest in celebrations by discussing Halloween as many of our children were aware of it and get involved in it at home with their families. The children began to dress up in Halloween costumes and go trick or treating around the classroom. 


Coming back from the holidays, children had started to notice fireworks in the sky. Our investigation area was set up to explore light as many celebrations have a theme of light around this time. Children had a go at creating bonfires and fireworks with construction material and media for paint. Rather than using paint brushes, children used sponges, stubby brushes and forks to create firework effect pictures. 


We took the opportunity to explore Diwali which was on the 27th October this year. Children have enjoyed learning about the story of Rama and Sita, making diva lamps with clay which has been a new experience in nursery and helping me create raita to learn about food from other cultures. Some children have taken a particular interest in Diwali because it reminded them of Eid with the colours and mehndi designs.


Although it is not a celebration, we have made children aware of Remembrance Day through a focus on poppies. The children have developed their art skills even further by creating poppies through different material and media, using both paint and tissue paper. It's amazing how detailed their artwork has been since coming back from the holidays as they . Children had noticed that poppies were suddenly everywhere in the shops. We didn't go into a lot of detail about Remembrance Day but we wanted children to know that it was a time to remember how people helped us a long, long time ago. Some children knew a little bit more about the day which was lovely to hear about.


As we get closer to the end of term, we are exploring Christmas. As we've practised for our school Nativity performance and set up our Christmas tree, children are using it as an opportunity to explore different ways of life as some of us celebrate for religious reasons and others don't. We've enjoyed learning about the Nativity story and how it links to our upcoming performance as well as talking about Christmas around us. Many children are already putting up their decorations at home and talking to us about what they've experienced of Christmas so far.