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What do I need to know about sight reading?

We teach the children how to read lots of words using phonics. However, not all words follow the phonic rules we teach in the earliest stages of our phonics teaching.


For some words, we teach the children to memorise and read them without sounding out and blending. These are called tricky words. We read them by sight and not by using our phonic skill.


In some classes, tricky words lists will be sent home for you to practice in your child's book bag or yellow reading record. You will also find them inside the front cover of some of our reading books to practice before you start to read.


This video from another school explains really well what tricky words are and how to help your child to read them.


Reading Tricky Words | A guide for parents

Which are the tricky words and how do I pronounce them?


The videos below will show which are the tricky words for each phase of Letters and Sounds that your child works through. Lots of our parents often ask us how to pronounce tricky words, so these videos will also show this and can be used with your child to practise reading and saying tricky words. The videos below are the order the tricky words will be taught in. See them to get a sense of the key tricky words.


To support the children's fluency and spelling, we also practise reading many words from the year group common exception lists using sight reading strategies where appropriate, so you may also see these additional words coming home to practise reading. 

Phase 2 Tricky Words

Phase 3 Tricky Words

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song

Phase 5 Tricky Words