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Week 9 -Celebrating Diversity and Fairness

Celebrating Diversity and Fairness

Celebrating our beautiful diversity.

We are all different from each other and special in so many ways. Our skin colour, the language we speak at home, our beliefs, the things we like to do or eat, what kind of family we have, our favourite toys, games and pastimes are just a few ways we can be different from each other.

All are precious and special and should be celebrated and respected.

Sesame Street: We're Different, We're the Same | Read Along Series

Elmo and Abby want to learn about things that are different and the same. Gordon is reading a great book that might help Abby and Elmo called We're Different...

Talk about the families you see in the book below.

What do you notice is the same about all of them?

What is different?

We Are Family By Patricia Hegarty | Children's Story Books Read Aloud

We Are Family By Patricia Hegarty Illustrated By Ryan Wheatcroft All families are different - and yet in many ways the same! This book uses a gentle rhyming ...

Let's Talk About Race

I made this video for the kindergarten students at my school. I realize this might be a helpful video for non Black children to also watch. In the video I di...

Julian Is a Mermaid

This video is about Julian Is a Mermaid Read Aloud

Loving people for their differences - 

What did the abuela do to show she loved Julian and his beautiful way of dressing like a mermaid?

Draw Julian and write how you would help him to feel safe and loved while he was being a mermaid.

How do you look after your friends or family when they are trying something new?

The Little Red Hen #ReadAlong StoryBook Video For Kids Ages 2-7

Learn to read with The Little Red Hen read along storybook written by Pail Galdone. For more great books, download the Curious World app that has 1,000+ game...

Listen to the story of the Little Red Hen (above).

Think about how fair things were in the story.

Is it important for people to be treated fairly? Why?