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Week 2 - Pirates!

Arrrrrrrr me hearties! Welcome to Pirate Week!


Click on the pages below for lots of ideas of learning to do together as a family.

The videos and links underneath will help you find out lots about pirates to get you started.


Good luck and keep sending us pictures of your work to your year group email so we can see what you've been up to. Thanks to everyone who sent pictures last week. We loved seeing them.


We are all missing you and love to see your lovely faces. Stay safe and pirate on!

Listen to the Pirate Pete story to start your learning about Pirates

Older children can add to what they know about Pirates by listening to this true story of this real life pirate from the past - Grace O'Malley!

Find out more about famous pirates of the past with this video - Calico Jack, Anne Bonney and Mary Read