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Thoughtful Theo suggestions (show someone how much you love them)...

  • Clap for carers – every Thursday night 8pm. Grab pots and pans, cheer and shout thankyou to all the key workers looking after us all. From your doorstep and only with your grown-up.


  • Write a note or draw a picture for the people who empty your bins or deliver your food to say thank you. Leave it where they will find it.


  • With your grown ups permission, FaceTime or video call a friend or a loved one.


  • The Shaw girls were really lucky to get a handwritten letter from one of their friends left close to our house and it made our day! If you know where your friend lives and you have the help of your grown up you could write and safely deliver a letter to your friend. We decided to leave it on the doorstep so we didn't have to touch any surfaces. Of course, we washed our hands when we got home too.



  • Try out an idea from the coping calendar