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What do humans need to be healthy and strong?

Celebrating lots of great work on display!

Virtual pantomime time!

Some great glossary work in our take a skill session!

We also made our own muscles and learned how they help our bones move!

We've been talking about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

We made healthy sandwiches with ingredients from the different food groups we have been learning about! We also practiced slicing and cutting food safely.

Warming up for a game of netball!

Outdoor maths. Adding 3 digit and 2 digit numbers with and without exchanging the tens for hundreds!

We have been learning how to play the glockenspiel!

We also learned about Diwali and decorated mehndi designs and Rangoli patterns :)

More addition and subtraction. Being Collaborative Caras!

Everyone enjoyed reading their library book during the half term holiday :)

To introduce our topic we made posters to show what we already know about healthy eating!

In PSHE we talked about the importance of being kind to others. We read The Rainbow Fish story and wrote kind words on fish scales :-D

We've moved on to addition and subtraction in maths. Using a variety of different resources and strategies, like Resourceful Rea!

Adding and subtracting hundreds!

In English we did really well with our Talk Matters activity!

We finished off our volcanoes by painting them- we used red and yellow. Some people mixed red and yellow to make their own orange :)