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Was it a cat that started the Great Fire of London?

Our fire engines!

We looked a pictures the Great Fire of London and thought about what we would like to find out. Aspen class thought of some really good questions such as:

- How long did the fire last?

- How did they stop the fire?

- Were any landmarks burnt down?

- Why did the fire start?

- How did the people save themselves?

We sorted photographs of London now and London in the past and compared them. We looked closely at the similarities and differences. The children noticed that St Pauls Cathedral and the River Thames was in the pictures of London in the past and London now but they saw that houses used to be made of wood and there were no cars. 
Today we looked closely at artefacts linked to the Great Fire of London, the children thought really carefully about what they thought the might be but some of them tricked us!