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What makes the earth angry?

Writing postcards to Mary Anning to tell her what we've learned about rocks and fossils :)

This week we have been fossil hunters- investigating and identifying different types of fossils and describing them!

This month we have been celebrating Black History Month! Having lots of discussions, lots of stories and learning about significant individuals and role models.

We investigated what soil is made of and learned about the important role it plays in the Earth's ecosystem!

Rowan Scientists! Investigating how dense, porous and durable each rock is! Finding similarities, differences and grouping the rocks into three types- Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

In PE we have been working on our hockey skills, picking up speed and controlling the ball!

We've been learning how to use lots of different resources to how our understanding of place value :)

We have been learning about volcanic activity in the Pacific Northwest- we made posters to show what we know about Mount St Helens in Washington!

In geography we have been learning about tectonic plates. We described divergent, convergent and transform plate boundaries using Oreos!

I can create a 3D sculpture from everyday materials!

I can locate countries and continents on a globe and on a map of the world!

In Art we have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and copying some of his ideas!

We have been revisiting all our phonic sounds and doing an amazing job!