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Why is Africa so hot?

In Geography we have been investigating different places around the world. We compared Leeds and Nairobi and looked at how they were similar and different. We spoke about the different types of climate and weather that both cities have. We then used all of the information that we had learn tto write a travel brochue about Leeds or Nairobi.

Seven Continents Song

In Geography we have been learning about and exploring the different continents. As Geographers our job was to un-jumble the continents and put them into the correct place on our globes. We then added the North and South Pole and the equator.
Over the past two weeks we have been very busy in Year 2 doing lots of painting! We have been exploring colours, we created secondary colours by mixing primary colours together. We even had a go at changing the shade of a colour by adding white to make it lighter and black to make it darker. The children really enjoyed looking at the artist Kandinsky and were inspired to paint just like him!