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Trial by Ordeal

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The children reenacted the punishments that were part of the Anglo-Saxon judicial system.

Trial by Ordeal.

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To find out if someone was guilty they would be asked to hold a red hot piece of metal. It would be bandaged up and left for several days. If the wound healed they were innocent, if the wound became infected they were guilty.

The Pillory (stocks)

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People would be put in these and displayed in the street for people to throw rotten food at. This was done to shame them and it was so everyone knew what type of a person they were.

Trial by hot water.

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The children then looked at the Anglo-Saxon crimes and punishments and reenacted them.

We used these sources to better understand what punishments were given for particular crimes.

We looked at crime and punishment in the Roman era! They definitely were rotten!!

Did the punishment always fit the crime?

Order...order...court is in session!

The children became jurors!!