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The Tin Forest

WC 21st February 2017

This week we have begun exploring the story The Tin Forest.











We began by putting together a jigsaw picture of the front cover.

We predicted and inferred what we thought the image was and what it told us about the book we were going to read.  We then talked about and wrote about 'what we could see', 'what we were thinking' and 'what we wondered'.

Here is one of the responses...




Next we read the first two pages of the book, one sentence at a time.  We talked about the information it gave us and predicted what we thought the story was about.  We had to give reasons for our ideas.




We read and answered questions about the opening of the book.

We then listen to the whole book page by page. We stopped and collected 'hotspot' vocabulary. We then collaborated to 'explain away' the meanings of these words. There were some super explanations given by the children. These are the words and the meanings we decided upon.

Finally this week, we have sorted all the vocabulary and content from the stories into our colour boxes.

WC 6th March 2017 - Collaborating! Today was all about collaboration as we created a timeline of the story The Tin Forest! We had to negotiate roles to order the pictures, and then decide on sentences. We then added words of time to give the story flow. What an excellent morning of teamwork!