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The Seasons

Throughout the year, we will look at the different seasons with the children. Exploring the seasons helps us understand the changes that occur and why they happen. Children explore certain objects and changes associated with each season, both in the classroom and in the natural environment. 



We've started looking at autumn, noticing how the leaves are changing colour from a lush green to reds, oranges, yellows and browns. We've noticed that they are also curling up and crunching when we hold them. We love looking at the conkers and finding out what a real acorn looks like. The weather is getting colder so we're aware that we need to wear coats outside more often and it's time to get our wellies out as we get more rain.


The first thing we have noticed about summer is the difference in our nursery garden. The children spotted immediately that the plants they had helped to sow in spring had begun to grow more and the poppies had began to bloom. We notice the weather is getting hotter and we are getting thirstier because of the heat.