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Stay and Read

Every Wednesday we have a stay and read session where we bring the library to Acorns. Parents are welcome to explore the books we have from our library, read stories with their children and choose a book to take home for a week, returning the following Wednesday for a new one.


This session is designed for parents to have the opportunity to take library books home and begin to read with their children. It's a lovely opportunity to help your children learn how to handle books at home independently with care and begin to develop a love and interest in early reading skills. Children then begin to discover their favourite stories.


At home with your child's chosen library book, read with them and talk about the story. Ask your children about the story as you read to help them with their understanding and support them in learning any phrases that repeat or key words that might repeat. Encourage talking about the pictures and see if your child can tell you what they notice about the story from the illustrations.