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Our big question this half term is 'Who are the charaters in our books?' We have been looking at fairy tales and where characters may live. The children made Gargoyles to decorate a fairy tale castle.

We are learning about what happens in churches.

We watched videos about a baptism.
We used the toy church to explore baptism.
Fatima thought about what happens at a christening
Priscille told us funerals happen in church.

We are learning about special places in RE. We built some churches and included lots of special parts of the church.

Richard started with gravestones at the back.
A big group collaborated very well on this church.
Someone added pews.
Salaina and Kevin built this church.
Layla-Grace and Sarah put a font in their church.
Samuel built this church.
He labelled the pulpit.
Samuel labelled the gravestones.
Alex and Rayyan helped to add some towers.
Layla-Grace and Sarah added a cross (and a TV!)