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Researching animal habitats

We have been thinking about where different animals live as part of our work on, " what animals would meet in the wild? " To help us in our information gathering we used an online database to research habitats. The children worked so collaboratively, exploring the database, finding out some amazing facts about the animals and their habitats. Well done Elm!

Resolving problems in friendship

In PSHE, we have been thinking about different types of helpful and unhelpful behaviour in the classroom and playground, and how we can challenge unhelpful behaviour in a positive way. We thought carefully about how to manage situations that make us unhappy, cross or angry and how to react in a positive way.

We studied a picture of some children not sharing a football and had some fantastic ideas about how the problem could be solved.


Desert Animals

We have been exploring, " what animals will meet in the wild?"  This week we thought about animals in the desert. To finish this off we made desert paintings using water colours. The children were so careful, keeping the colours clean to make the picture look clear. We were so impressed with the end results. What Responsible Reggies!

Church visit

Elm recently visited St Luke's Church to develop their understanding of what can be found inside a church, and how a church is used to help the community around our school. We went on a hunt around the church to find the lectern, organ and stained glass windows and asked lots of questions!

Thank you to the church for allowing us to visit.
We hope to visit other places of worship in the future.





As part of our work on Fairy tales the children made gargoyles to live at the spooky castle. They first designed the gargoyles using models to work from. Then they worked with clay to mould and used tools to add detail. The results were some fabulously creepy creatures.

We set up a bridge in the classroom for the troll to live under. The children loved role playing telling the story and waiting for the mean, green troll to pop out from under his bridge. The language was so accurate and the children showed real understanding of the fairy tale.

Billy Goats Gruff

This half term we have been learning the story of the Billy Goats Gruff. The children have loved it!!!!  We have learnt the actions to help us to retell the story.

If you would like to tell the story at home, here is a copy of the script. Use the actions above to help you.