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Spring 1- Winter

Ice experiment!

Today we explored ice! How ice is made, what happens to ice when it gets warm? The children worked out that eventually the ice would melt if we didn't keep it in the freezer so we carried out an ice experiment to see where the ice would melt the quickest. We put an ice cup in 5 different locations: by the door, the radiator, the water, Beech class and outside and kept a very close eye on them! The water one melt first and the one outside melted last!!

A visit from the Ice Queen!

Today we had a very scary visit from the Ice Queen! She told us all about her ice castle and how her magic ice stick can turn children into frozen ice! Together we thought of lots of ideas as to how we could destroy the Ice Queens castle, some suggestions we had were: use a hairdryer, a hammer, pour a bucket of warm water over it or use some really hot lava to melt the ice.
This half term we have been learning the story of 'Penguin small' Willow class have learnt all the 'talk for write' actions to go with it and are brilliant at performing the whole story