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Spelling guidance for parents.


Dear Parents and Carers,

As the children are now in Year Two, we are going to introduce weekly spelling lists.  Every Friday, the children will receive a list of words that we would like you to help them learn to spell.  These words will be taken from the Key Stage One Spelling List set by the government in the National Curriculum.

We are going to start by giving the children some ‘common exception words’.  These words are used frequently in reading and writing so will help the children spell correctly words that they need a lot in their writing.  We all also refer to lists of ‘high frequency’ words.

It is really important that you support us by helping your child learn how to read and spell these words so please spend 5 to 10 minutes each day.  We will also help your child learn them in school as part of their morning task.  This is done before we take the register so please ensure your child is ‘in the line at ten to nine’ every day.

For children who show they can spell these words correctly and consistently in their writing tasks, we will move onto other words. 

If your child is in our ‘Spag’ (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) group, they will also receive a few extra words each week that are based on their focused spelling work.

Many thanks for your support

Mrs Smith.

How to help your child learn their spellings.


Look    Cover     Write    Check

This method is used to help children memorise the spelling of a word.  It helps them develop their confidence in writing down the word, rather than simply saying the letters they need.  It also encourages their independence in spelling as they can take responsibility for their learning of the words.

How to do it!

  1. LOOK Show the word to your child (one word at a time)

  2. COVER the word

  3. WRITE As your child to write the word

  4. CHECK Help your child check the spelling against the word, talking about the correct letters and any mistakes they have made.

Additional activities to support the learning of spellings!

1* Make a wordsearch with your words. List them underneath.


2* Write a sentence for each word to explain its meaning.

3* Write rhymes for each of your words.

4* Write your words on cards. Select 6 to put on a bingo grid. Turn cards over one by one. If you have word and can spell it, you can cover it.

5* Play charades with your words. When someone has guessed the word, spell it.


6* Speed write your word – how many times can you write each word in one minute – keep it neat!

7* Arrange your words in alphabetical order.

8* Use each of your words in a silly sentence. Underline the word used.

9* Sit back to back with a partner and test your words.


10* Write your words in different fonts and colours.

11* Write out your words, cut into parts that help you to learn them and glue them in.

12* Design a board game to play with your words. Write the rules too.

13* Illustrate each of your words with a picture.




14* Play hangman with a partner using your words.

15* Paint your words with paint (in a book) or with water and a brush (outside).

16* Write your words in colourful bubble writing.