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Spelling and Grammar

Hello Year 5!

Every week we will be setting you some spelling and grammar tasks! We will be practicing one spelling rule, and revisiting one of the grammar facts we have already covered this year. This will also give you chance to practice some writing.

This week in grammar we are going to remind ourselves what we know about fronted adverbials. Remember, fronted adverbials go at the start of a sentence give us more information about how, where or when something happened.

For example: As quick as a flash, Mrs Allan ran to the playground.

Firstly, you can remind yourselves about fronted adverbials by having a go at the game on education city.

Then you are going to have a go for yourself. If you follow this link there are some different activities for you to complete.


First watch the clip about brown bears, think about how the bears move or how you could describe their surroundings. Then you can look at the other parts of the page for different activities. Under ‘whiteboard challenges’ you will see some sentences for you to finish to warm your brain up! Then under writing ideas you will find a worksheet – don’t worry you don’t have to print it out, you can write the sentences out on paper you have at home. I would love to see some of your sentences on the school email!


Our spelling focus this week is homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and have different meanings.

For example: The knight rode to battle in the dead of night.

You all have an activity to complete with this on Education City – there is a game to play and a worksheet – again, you don’t need to print it out just read it on your computer and write your answers down.


Good luck, 

I can't wait to see what you have been up to over email!