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Spelling and Grammar (Dont forget to check Education City too!)

Grammar and writing

Hi Everyone

There are lots of grammar and writing activities to choose from this week – remember you don’t have to do them all. Pick the ones that interest you most. This week they are linked to the family challenge activities too.

Have fun!


Have a go writing your own instructions for a sandwich and then see if someone at home can follow them. Is it edible? When you have finished have a go at following the instructions given to you at the bottom of the sheet – perhaps you could take some photos of your sandwiches and I will upload them to our class page.

Pick 10 of these imperative verbs and write a sentence using for each using the verb as an opener Eg Tidy your bedroom and don’t forget to check for rubbish under your bed!

Prepositions – have a go at these sentences. Remember your pip and copy the spellings carefully too.

When you are writing your instructions, as part of the family challenge this week, pick one of the success criteria to help you. If you are brave choose the second one as a real challenge!

Can you design a table top game to play at home? Use the instruction templates below to help you.



This week we are re-visiting a spelling rule which you should be familiar with but may have forgotten.  It is adding 'es' to Nouns and Verbs ending in 'y'.  So have a go at the activities below and see if you remember this rule when spelling those words.  


Also continue to practice the spellings from last week as we will do a test on them when we return to school.  


Good luck!