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Spelling and Grammar


Read Mario Profile. What questions does this profile answer? What other questions could be answered? Do you know any other information about this video-game character?

Look at Colourful Writing. Can you work out what each of these colours means? Write a key to the colours on the table provided.

Use the Revision Card to read up on 4 different work classes.

Read Profiles 1-3. Collect examples of different word classes from these profiles. Write them on the Word Class Grid.

Challenge yourself to read Profiles 4-6 and to collect different words from here too.


Write some sentences about a game you know about. Highlights your words to show the different word classes.



This week we are focusing on spelling patterns with the sound ‘K’ spelt ‘ch’, e.g. chorus, chemist, echo, character etc…Have a look at the Powerpoint and then try the activities. 


Good luck! yes

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