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Spelling and Grammar

Hello Year 5 - welcome to our last week of home learning, I can't believe it! 


This week we are going to be using a story to inspire us, some of you may have already read it. 



It's a picture book, and you can listen to it being read and see the pictures that go with it here:


We are going to use the story to inspire some writing, but first we are going to work on our adverbials. Here's a reminder of what adverbials are and how we can use them in our writing! 



Your first task is to use adverbials to extend some of these sentences about animals in the zoo! Think about the effect you want to create - do you want the reader to be amazed by the animals? Or feel sorry for them for being in a zoo? Try playing around with different effects .


For example: 


The tiger paced fiercely towards the fence. 




The tiger paced sadly around his small enclosure. 


Both sentences give very different impressions of the zoo!  



You can also use prepositions to help you build your sentences, here are some ideas to get you started: 



You can use these to add extra clauses, for example: 


Before the zoo opened to the public, the meerkat watched the keeper perfecting the grounds. 


The orangutan crouched as the children watched, amazed. 


When you have finished your sentences, share them with an adult or a sibling and see what they think - did you create the effect you wanted? 


Then, if you are ready for another challenge, you can write about either, the best day out you have ever been on, or a day out you would love to go on! Be as imaginative as you like - you could go on a day out to the moon, or to visit the Queen! 


As always, I would love to see your work when you're finished -


Have a lovely summer holidays, I know your teachers can't wait to welcome you all back to school in September.