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Spelling and Grammar

Hello Year 5, 


This week I thought we would focus on some non-fiction writing, a kind of writing called non-chronological reports. All this means is you present information about a subject under headings. 


The example we have to look at is about a game: 



As you can see, there are three different headings that give people different pieces of information about the game. 


There are a number of features that we normally see in a non-chronological report, these are: 



Can you read the example above and see if you can spot these different features? 


Your challenge is to have a go at writing a report about a game of your choice, if you need some inspiration you can find some games here, they are suitable for younger children so you can imagine you are writing a report for a younger child:


If you have another game you enjoy playing that you would like to write about, that's fine too! 


Here's another example to give you some inspiration and ideas: 



You can use these headings to help you plan your report, but you can think of your own headings if you would prefer: 



Enjoy! Remember there are new activities for you to access on Education City as well. 


Have a good week everyone.