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Spelling and Grammar

Hello Year 5! 


This week we are going to do some writing! On Education City you have some activities to practice your spelling and punctuation so don't forget about those! Well done to those of you who have been completing these each week - I've been really impressed by some of your scores! 


So, as we have been thinking about animals I thought an animal based writing activity would be nice! 

We are going to be doing some writing on the theme of predators and prey. 


Start by watching the video clip about the Impala and the Leopard. Don’t be worried:
it has a happy ending!

Now, use this table to help you record your thoughts about the video - try and include as much description as you can! You don't have to print it out - you can just use your exercise books and write the headings. 



Now, you are going to think about your own story of a narrow escape! Have a look at these pictures, thinking about which you could create the most dramatic story about! 


Think about how you would describe the predator and prey in each example - what about the environment they are in? Once you have chosen the most interesting to you - it's time to plan your narrow escape story! 


Use the headings from this table to help you build a plan...



When you have finished your plan, you can start thinking about writing up your story. Try talking through your plan with someone at home to check it makes sense. 


A good way to improve your descriptive writing is using adverbials to add more detail to what is happening - use this poster to help you think about how you could include adverbials to vary your sentences!