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Spelling and Grammar

This week you have three activities to complete. 

Activity 1- Education City. Log on to your education city account and you will find 2 activities. 

The first activity is a game to practice using the conjunction 'and' to join words and sentences together. 


Activity 2- Also on Education City you will find a spelling game. You can practice your spellings of common exception words for year 1. 


Activity 3- Rainbow writing. We have done this activity lots of times before and the children love it. 

All you need is a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. Draw the lines for the children as we have set out on the sheet. As soon as they hear 'Rainbow writing' they should know what to do. 

Complete the education city game- Using 'and' to join words and phrases. Then you can practice your spellings of the year 1 common exception words.