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Spelling and Grammar


This week we will continue our work on homophones!

Activity 1 Complete the sentences using the correct homophone.


Activity 2—Write your own sentences using the homophones below.



This week we will learn how to use apostrophes.

There are two main purposes for using apostrophes.

This week, we will learn the first purpose, using apostrophes for contractions (to show the place of missing letters)


You can use apostrophes to show that you have left out  some letters when you are joining words together.

For example, you can join the words ‘you’ and ‘are’ together. You + are = you're. The apostrophe takes the place of the removed letters. In this example, the letter a.

Sometimes, however, you need to rearrange the letters a bit when you contract the words. For example: will + not = won't.

Using contractions like these makes your writing easier to read and more friendly.

Watch this video to learn more. There are lots of fun games on this webpage too!


Now try the activities below.

Activity 1
Which is correct? Can you use the correct words in a sentence?


Activity 2

If you like, you can also have a go at this activity booklet!