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Spelling and Grammar


Yasmin wrote about what she did in the summer holidays but she wrote it in the present tense and all the events had already happened. Can you change them into the past tense? You can either do it on this sheet or in your book from school.

Now you are so good at writing in the past and present tense, play this game with someone in your family. You need a dice and some counters.

Show off the different sentence types you know and write a paragraph in each box using the picture for inspiration.

Look at the pictures on the front of these postcards and write a sentence about what is happening using a fronted adverbial. If you need to use the bank of fronted adverbials to help you.

Time for a bit of fun… can you work out the words using the code breaker?


This week are continuing with the spelling rule-'ch' but pronounced as 'sh' in words like, brochure, parachute, machine etc...


Complete the activities and try out the game with your family.