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Spelling and Grammar

Hello Year 5! 


This week we are going to start by practicing some punctuation - it is really important when we are writing to make sure that our punctuation is clear. It helps our writing flow and our reader to understand our meaning. Earlier in Year 5, we practiced using parenthesis. This is where we use brackets, dashes or commas to 'drop in' extra information into a sentence. 

For example: 


The house (which was bathed in golden sunlight) looked so inviting.

David Attenborough - a famous scientist and presenter - is making a new series. 

Great British Bake Off, a TV show about cooking, is my favourite thing to watch!  


I want you to start this week by practicing this style of punctuation, in this first task you just need to choose the right 'drop in' clause to sandwich in the sentences! 



If you are feeling confident - try this challenge! Here you have to see if you can spot where the parenthesis should be in the sentence - it's up you whether you use brackets, dashes or commas! 


Now, if you are ready for a challenge, try this task - adding in your own extra information to the sentences - not forgetting your punctuation of course! 


Finally, something a bit different. I thought some of you might enjoy doing some creative writing, so here is a writing challenge with some images - enjoy! As always we also have challenges set for you on Education City  - don't forget to give them a go and remember we are here to help you via the year 5 email if you need to ask any questions!