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Spelling and Grammar

This week, we will focus on our spelling of Common Exception and Tricky Words. Most of these words cannot be sounded out using our phonics, so it’s important we practise spelling them a lot!

You have been set some Spellings activities on Education City. These activities are ready for you in ‘Home Work’. See below for help!

After you have played the games, you could try some of these activities, using the words from the word mat above:

  1. Make a mini scribble spelling picture like the photo below. This activity will help you to remember the common exception words!
  2. You can make a ‘pairs’ game.
    Make 18-20 cards using scrap paper, or cardboard from a cereal box.
    Write the words on the cards, put them all face down, then try to match them up.
    Can you say a full sentence with that word and write it down?
  3. Choose some words from the word mat and use coloured pencils to write rainbow sentences.