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Spelling and Grammar

Grammar and Writing

Hi year 4

This week we are going to focus on using really powerful words in our writing! When you are writing stories I want to be wowed by the vocabulary choices you make so this will give you lots of practice.

First let’s get your brain working – try this activity 3 times this week and see if you can come up with different words each time. Remember to time yourselves – 5 minutes each time!

Now try these activities to help you in improve your word choices.

Now I think you are ready to write some amazing fantasy stories. Complete the word challenge first and then choose a picture to use to inspire you to write me a fantastic story. Remember to use everything you have learnt earlier in the week.


Parent Explanation

Within the Year 3 and 4 spelling curriculum, children are required to correctly spell words where 

'y' can sound like an 'i' if it falls in the middle of a word.  For example, in the word gym, the 'y' makes a short /i/ sound.


Complete the activities which focus on different spelling rules.  Enjoy!