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Spelling and Grammar

Hello Year 5! 


This week we have got some adjective challenges for you - first we will remind ourselves what adjectives are! 


An adjective describes a noun (a person, place or thing) - for example "The fast, red car." To remind us what adjectives are, you can start with this exercise - finding the adjectives in these sentences - there are quite a few! Be careful - the writer here has used some excellent adverbs and verbs to make their writing more descriptive, and it's sometimes easy to confuse these with adjectives, make sure the word you choose describes a noun. 



Now you have reminded yourself what adjectives are, you can use some to improve these sentences. All these sentences are trying to describe a setting - where something happens. When we create a setting we want it to paint a picture in our reader's head. Read the original sentence, and then try and think about what mood you want to create - do you want the setting to sound scary, exciting, mysterious? Choose your adjectives to match the mood - there are some ideas to help you, but feel free to choose your own! If you're feeling inspired - you can always carry on the setting or even use it to create a story - remember to send your ideas to the school email. 



You also have a selection of challenges of Education City - well done to Likitha for completing them all so far! I have added some more to do with adjectives so there is extra practice there for you. 


Have a lovely week everyone!