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Spelling and Grammar


Can you write an adventure story based on a castle to link with the family learning challenge? Use this word mat to help you to vary your sentence starters and vocabulary. Send me your stories and I will put them up on here for everyone to read.

Can you find all the features of adventure writing in this text? Highlight each in a different colour or label them to show where they are. The answers are attached at the bottom so you can see if you found them all.


This week we are continuing to look at the spelling rule adding 'es' to Nouns and Verbs ending in 'y'.  I hope the activity from last week was a really good refresher for you.  Have a go at this weeks activity  and see if how well you do.  


I have also uploaded the Year 3 & 4 spellings so please remember to continue practicing them.  


Good luck!yes