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Spelling and Grammar

Premier League Primary Stars Spelling Game

Can you practice spelling these Year 3 common exception words?

Can you write them in different colours? 


different                      sentence                      forward(s)                         fruit                                November                            December               twenty                      thirty                        forty                              fifty                            sixty                        seventy                                                 eighty                       ninety                         hundred               thousand


This week we are looking at speech marks!

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks.
We use use speech marks to punctuate what characters are saying. Sometimes we call them inverted commas.
Watch the video to remind yourself when and how we use them!

Part 2. Punctuation: Using speech marks to punctuate direct speech.

How to use speech marks to help you write speech in different ways.
Questions: What did Vicky report that Troy had said?

Using speech marks for direct speech.



Can you write some direct speech to show what people in your house are saying?


e.g. "Can you pass me the bread please, Bilal?" said mum.


"That is a lovely drawing, Sam!" said dad proudly.


"Would you like a cup of tea, Grandma?"  asked my sister, impatiently.


"I don't want to do any work!" moaned my little brother.


My sister screamed, "There's a spider in the bathroom!" Mum ran up the stairs quickly to help.