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Spelling and Grammar

Home learning.


As you know, each week we will have a SPaG learning target and a spelling target to revise.


This week we are going to remember what we have learned about apostrophes. Apostrophes can be used to show where two words have been put together, for example when do not becomes dont, the apostrophe shows the missing letters.

They can also be used to show possession, which means something belongs to someone.

For example – Mrs Allans dog is called Loki.

On Education City, there is another game and some worksheets for you to try, remember you don’t need to print out the worksheet, as long as you can see it you can just write down the answers.


Our second activity for this week is giving you chance to practice your fronted adverbials again, and also to give you chance to enjoy some more writing if you are feeling creative.


To inspire you, you can watch this video on this link:

It’s a story about a grumpy lighthouse keeper with a bit of a problem!

If you just want to practice your fronted adverbial sentences you can just write some sentences to go with the story. Really think about your description!

Here is a few starters to get you going:

As the wind whipped around the lighthouse…

Watching the approaching ship, the lighthouse keeper…

Just over the horizon…

If you are feeling inspired, you could do some more writing based on the video, there are some ideas on the website, or you could write the story to go with the video like we did with the Bear and the Hare, I really like this story so would love to see what you come up with! Remember you can email your work for your teacher to read. You could even design a front cover for your story!


Now we are also practicing a spelling rule every week, this week we are focusing on prefixes.

Prefixes alter the meaning of their ‘root’ word.

For example, when we add the prefix ‘dis’ honest becomes the opposite, dishonest.

Or we can add ‘un’ to make happy, unhappy.

There is a prefix activity on Education City for you to complete.

You can also try the free games at the top of this page – I think egg hunt is the best one to start with!


Good luck and have a lovely week everyone.