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Speaking and Listening

Monday 20th April - FS1 children


Children continuing nursery explore sound discrimination in the environment, practising their listening skills as they begin to identify different sounds in the environment around them. This activity is for the children who will return to us in September.


Play the video down below and listen very carefully! How many sounds can you identify before the picture comes up to show you? See how many you can guess correctly!



Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

Monday 20th April - FS2 children


If your children will be joining Reception in September they will be starting to hear sounds in words and lots of oral blending is modelled to help them prepare for blending in Reception.


Use the photographs attached below to look at different farm animal words. Parents and carers, please help your child by modelling how to blend these words. Maybe your child might be able to guess what the word is!


To help:

Cow: c-ow (ow pronounced as in ow! That hurt!)

Cat: c-a-t

Hen: h-e-n

Pig: p-i-g

Sheep: sh-ee-p

Dog: d-o-g


You might want to play I Spy with your child and see if they guess the word from your modelled oral blending.


I spy with my little eye, a c-ow (cow)


Or you may want to model a full sentence.


I can see a d-o-g (dog).

Wednesday 22nd April - FS1 children


Play a game of hide and seek with a listening twist. If you have any musical instruments at home you could use that or if not, just use your hands to clap. Hide from your child and they have to find you by listening out for the musical instrument you play or by clapping your hands.

Wednesday 22nd April - FS2 children


Same as Monday, prepare your child for their daily exercise or time in the garden by asking them to get a checklist of what they need. Oral segment (break up) the sounds of the different clothing items you see on the photographs. Again, can your child start to think about the word you are sounding out to them and guess what it might be?


Put on your b-oo-t-s. Boots (oo sound in boots is pronounced as ooooo!)


Can you get your c-oa-t? Coat (oa is pronounced oh!)


Wear your h-a-t. Hat


Put on your sh-oe-s. Shoes (the oe sound is pronounced as ooooo!)


Pull up your z-i-p. Zip


Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English)

A video to help parents know how to pronounce different sounds for oral segmenting.