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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 23rd June




We've been having lots of rain recently. What does rain sound like? Have a listen to the rain in this video and see if you can find items around the house that could sound like rain.




Practise saying and hearing the sound 'p' in words. This video from alphablocks will help you learn how to sound out 'p' and listen to some words that have 'p' in it. After watching, go on a treasure hunt in your house and see how many items you can collect that start with 'p'.

Alphablocks Word Magic - P

Thursday 25th June




Listen to the story of Room on the Broom. There are quite a few different animals in the story. What noises would you make for them? Think of what a broom zooming by in the sky might sound like. I wonder what sort of scary sound the dragon might make!


As you listen to the story, add different sounds to it!



Just like Tuesday, practise the sound 'm' at home to learn how to say it and how to hear it in words. How many items can you find today that begin with 'm'?