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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 16th June




Listen to some of the video below and listen to the noises. But no peeking at the video before! Have a few seconds to listen and describe what you hear. Where could the video be playing? 



We're going to play a guessing game where you have to go on a treasure hunt for me! 


Today I would like you to find these words modelled by your adults.


p-e-n                    pen




c-oa-t (oa as in oh!)       coat



sh-oe (ssssh! ew)         Shoe




Thursday 18th June 




Here's another video using different musical instruments to listen to. What kind of instruments can you hear? How does the music sound? Is it slow, fast, loud, quiet, busy, calm?



3 Hours of Relaxing Piano Violin Cello Harp Music - Beautiful Instrumental Music

3 hours of relaxing music featuring piano, violin, cello and harp



Have a practise at listening to these phase 2 sounds being blended. Listen to the woman say the sounds, then pause the video with your adults and keep practising saying the same sounds until you can figure out word before the woman tells you!