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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 2nd June




Make a collection of your own noise makers. Think about lots of different hings that make a sound and gather them together in a box or a bag. Have your adult choose one of the objects to make a sound for you to guess and identify! You could include things like crisp packets, keys, a rattle or a squeaky toy.




Let's revisit and explore the sound S at home. Use the video below to practise saying the sound.


Can you hiss like a snake to make the sound s? Ssss, sss, sss!


Go on a treasure hunt in your house and/or garden and see if you can find 4 items that begin with s. I'll have a go!


In my house I found... 


Some salt


A spoon


A pair of sunglasses


A spider (didn't want to find that one!)


You might be able to find different things beginning with S.


Thursday 4th June



As you listen to the story The Gruffalo in the video below, show your adult what sort of noises you would make for the different animals and the scary gruffalo. 


Try to make a noise for a fox.

Show me what sound an owl might make.

Have a go at sounding like a snake.

Make a noise like a mouse.

What sound would you make for the gruffalo?



The Gruffalo




Vehicle names

Still image for this video


Still image for this video