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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 19th May 


FS1 Children


Play an animal themed guessing game. Make some sound effects for different noises and encourage someone to guess what animal sound you were making. You could 'meow' like a cat, 'woof' like a dog or 'hiss' like a snake. What other animal sounds do you know and could make?


FS2 Children


I'd like you to go on a sound hunt with your adult and have a look at finding anything in the house that begins with the sound 'a'. Linked below is a video you can watch to help you and your adults look at how we say 'a' in phonics.


You might be able to find an a-a-apple.

Out in the garden the a-a-ants love to crawl around.


"a" - Jolly Phonics Songs

Jolly Phonics Songs - a /a/-/a/!Ants on my arm. /a/-/a/!Ants on my arm. /a/-/a/!Ants on my arm. They are causing me alarm. Action:Wiggle your fingers above t...

Thursday 21st May



Try making some different voice sounds to show different feelings and emotions. Like 'Oh!' when you are surprised or 'mmm' when eating something yummy. Different voice sounds can help us tell the difference between different emotions we're feeling. 




Go on a hunt in your house to find the following which all have three sounds. Adults, say the different sounds with your children until they've figured out the word and then see if you can find them together. Remember on week 1 there is a video to help you in how the sounds are pronounced. Try to say the sounds first and encourage your child to have a really good go at figuring out the word before showing the photos to your child if they need extra help. 


s-o-ck  sock




p-a-n  pan




h-a-t  hat




ch-i-n  chin




f-ee-t  feet



f-or-k  fork