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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 14th July



Use these nursery rhymes to come up with body percussion sounds and voice sounds as you sing them with your families.

Start a sound tray filled with rice or oats, anything that you can bury items in. Select a flashcard or write the letter on a piece of paper if you can't print them off and hide objects in the tray that begin with that initial sound. Boys and girls... you will find these hidden items that your adults at home have put in the tray. What objects have they found that begin with that initial sound?

Thursday 16th July



Keep practising body percussion sounds at home! There are lots of activities you can do to help you explore what sort of sounds you can make using your hands or your feet or your mouth... lots of different ways to explore!

Practise saying these words with 3 sounds in at home with your adults. See if you can figure out what the word is and find the picture to match.


p-a-n - pan


m-a-n - man


c-a-p - cap


t-a-p - tap


m-a-p - map


p-i-g - pig


c-o-t - cot


t-i-n - tin