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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 7th July




Sing along to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It. What other sounds can you make with your body instead of clapping?

Phonics - Phase 1 - Aspect 4: If You're Happy and You Know It



Look at the sheet ready to download below. There are different words in the sheet that all rhyme. Can you think of what all the rhyming words might be? Where there is a blank white box, say the rhyming word. What do these words all end in to make them rhyme?


Adults and carers, the answers are on the second page.

Thursday 9th July




Use the story Owl Babies to come up with different sounds and voices. Change your voice for Sarah, Percy and Bill. Add sound effects for the woods all around them. What other woodland animals might you hear? How do you think owls sound?



Owl Babies Picture Book Animation



Listen to the word being blended. Can you match the sound to the picture?

Letters and Sounds Phase 1 Aspect 7 Oral Blending and Segmenting Part 1