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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 30th June




Play a funny voice game as you listen to one of your favourite stories or act out a favourite story for role play.Think about the sounds or voices each character might use and speak like that character. For example, if I'm reading Jack and the Beanstalk and it's the part where the giant is chasing after Jack, I might use a loud, booming voice to be the giant and also make my voice go deep! FEE-FI-FO-FUM I SMELL THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN!


Or if there was a fairy character in my book like Tinkerbell I might make my voice go high and squeaky.


Find your favourite book and give your characters different voices. 




Have a listen to these sounds that you will learn when you get to reception. This video will explore the sound and show you some examples of words that start with that initial (first) sound. Can you add to the list? For example, as we practise /S/ we see a snowman, a snake and socks in the video. Is there any other objects or words that start with s? What about /g/? We see goat, gorilla and guitar in the video. Can you find out words beginning with the sound /g/?


Phase 1 & 2 Phonics | Initial Sounds | Real Life Phonics

Thursday 2nd July




What are your favourite nursery rhymes? Find your favourite rhyme and perform it to your adults at home. See if you can remember all the words! If you're feeling brave, you can record yourself performing a nursery rhyme and send it to us through the nursery email or through tapestry.




Use the I Spy game on the video below to practise listening to oral segmenting and guess which animal the man is thinking of.

Phase 1 Phonics Oral Segmenting Activity