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Speaking and Listening

Tuesday 28th April 


FS1 - Listening walk


If your child will be returning in September, take a listening walk today to see what environmental sounds you can hear. Can you identify the sound of a car? A bird? A helicopter? Take photos of the sounds you hear and try to use a full sentence:


I can hear...


Are the noises quiet? Loud? 


Maybe, if you're feeling brainy today, you could draw what you hear if you don't want to hear photos.


FS2 - Practise blending


For children moving up into reception next year, there's a video below to keep practising those oral blending skills. A new word will roll up on the screen and the narrator will say the sounds. Pause the video for as long as you need, copying how they say the sounds and tap them on your arm. Each word has three sounds.


Parents, please note that we do not expect your child to blend and read these words in nursery. That will come in reception. This is just to help your child hear different sounds and begin to get an idea of what that word might be, getting their listening skills ready for reception phonics. Help your child out as much as possible by modelling oral blending.



Tuesday FS2 phonics

Thursday 30th April


FS1 - Follow the leader


Play follow the leader with your family members at home. One person chooses a body percussion (E.g. patting knees, clapping their hands, clicking their fingers for the rest of the family to copy. Take turns to be the leader.


FS2 - Blend as you walk


As you go on a walk with your child, model blending by naming things you can hear and see.



I can hear a c-ar (car)

I can hear a b-ir-d (bird)

I can hear a d-o-g (dog)


I can see a t-r-ee (tree)

I can see f-l-ow-er-s (flowers)


Pronounce ar as in arrrrrr, me matey! Like a pirate!

Pronounce ir like er (butter, bird, letter, flower)

Pronounce ow like ow, that hurts!


Please keep watching the video linked last week that models how different sounds are pronounced for support. Also, here is another video below for adults discussing ways to do oral blending activities with your children and the importance of it.


Blending Activities | Phonics

Some simple activities you can do at home to help children with their blending skills.