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We LOVE singing in Willow and are learning and enjoying new songs every week. Willow class told me all about the songs they loved from last year too. Click on the links to sing songs you enjoyed in Nursery and to enjoy our new songs too. Happy singing Willow!

Singing Two Little Dicky Birds

Super dicky birds sitting on a wall.
Now they've flown away.

Doing the actions for funny face!

Mustafa smiles like a clown.
Joseph turns the corners down.
Aysha opens WIDE!
Safa shuts her eyes tight.
Noel makes his face long and thin.
Good frowning and pouting Sami!
Willow puff their cheeks out.


We just love this song!

FROZEN - Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney HD

This song is another one that Willow LOVE!