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Responsible Reggie!

Introducing Responsible Reggie!

March 2017

February 2017

WC 30th January 2017 - Shezan was a Responsible Reggie trying really hard to work out 'How many more...?' Well done Shezan.

WC 5th December 2016 What a week! Arushi responsibly comes into the classroom and gets on with her morning work - she is so speedy! Junaid showed his skills of responsibility in his phonics learning and Jamaima was a responsible learner and added extra information into her writing about Gustav Klimt! Wow!

WC 28th November 2016 Yusuf and Gabi worked responsibly in maths - they used the numicon to proove their answers!

WC 21st November 2016 Maja and Iqra worked responsibly in our English lesson!

Responsible Reggies in action!

Royal Lunch Party for responsible, respectful Aspen!

Aspen were treated today to a ROYAL LUNCH! They won this treat out of the whole school for excellent, responsible and respectful choices at lunchtimes. They are experts at using their cutlery, quiet voices, thumbs up and waiting for a grown up when needed. They always stay seated at the right times. Fabulous work Aspen. Keep it up!