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Reflective Ralph

Ralph Challenge 1

Ralph Challenge! Can we learn the dance and get better and better each time. Practise makes perfect!

Zinedine is a Reflective Ralph who practises his learning in his challenge time!

Reflective Ralph's - November

Rohan was a reflective Ralph today. He was trying to work out a number problem, when he realised that he had put the number sentence the wrong way round and would be unable to solve it. He switched it around and worked out the problem. Well done Rohan!
Lacey and Danyaal reflected on their letter formation following their guided task. Well done!
Tyi reflected on his number formation following amazing work on a number problem!
Azhe reflected on his maths language today. " A cone has one point, I mean vertice." How accurate Azhe!

Reflective Ralph's - October

Reflective Azhe checked his jumps when finding 3 less. "Oops I need to put another jump in."