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Reflective Ralph!

Introducing Reflective Ralph!


January 2017

WC 5th December 2016 Gabi, Modo and Arushi all showed super reflective skills wjen checking and changing their work - they did this independently as they want their work to be best it can be! I am so proud!

6th December 2016 Rida and I spoke about the size of his letters. After this chat he showed me that he could write super neatly and in a much smaller font. Well done reflective Rida!

6th December 2016 Modo works his reflective magic skills! Modo worked hard to order the word cards and check if they made sense before writing the sentence down!

4th December 2015 Arya showed his amazing reflective skills again today! He initially got muddled with which numicon plates to select when he read the multiplication statement 4x5=. He wasn't sure whether to use 4s or 5s. This led to him releasing that 4x5= and 5x4= have the same answer but use different plates! He explained what he had done wonderfully to Mrs Britton!

4th December 2016. Geovanni proved to Mrs Britton how to read a multiplication statement and calculate the answer using numicon! What a star! He corrected himself as he went along until he found the correct answers needed!

WC 28th November 2016. Arya realised he had coloured too many squares in his array when multiplying - he looked carefully and worked out how to correct what he had done. What a star!

WC 28th November 2016 Swarit and Mohammed checked their spellings as they went and spotted corrections they needed to make! Such a refelctive skill to have!

Ralph Challenge 1

Ralph Challenge! Can we learn the dance and get better and better each time. Practise makes perfect!

We reflected on our estimating skills and this is what we said!


"I think we should add a bit more (to the estimate)" Bahand


"I think I'm going to change my estimate." Geovanni


"It was too high." Jamaima


"I realised it was too low." Laila-Grace





Reflective Ralph in action!