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This week the author that we have chosen to look at is Sue Hendra. Your children will be very familiar with Sue Hendra as she has written many fun and humorous books including ‘Super Potato’ and ‘Barry the Fish with Fingers’.

Once you have listened to and enjoyed one of the stories written by Sue Hendra with your loved ones you could have a go at writing your own book review. You could talk about the things you liked about the book and the things you disliked about the book and whether you would recommend this book to others. Attached is a book review sheet, you don’t have to print the sheet you can you the layout to create your own book review on a piece of paper or alternatively you could just talk about what you liked/ disliked about the book .

Supertato - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Books Alive! Read aloud the first instalment of the ground breaking, earth shattering superhero franchise - SUPERTATO! By Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet More fun...

Children's Books Read Aloud- Simon Sock by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

Children's Books Read Aloud- Simon Sock by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. Illustrated by Nick East. "Simon is an odd, stripey sock. He lives in the drawers with...

Norman the slug with a silly shell - The Story Book Channel

Norman the slug - The Story Book Channel About Norman the slug who wants to be a snail so looks for a shell. But what shell will he choose? By Sue Hendra

Children's Books Read Aloud- Doug the Bug That Went Boing! By Sue Hendra

Once you've listened to and enjoy the story 'Superpotato' you could have a go at the following activities at home !!!