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Reading to Enjoy

The Bravest Fish

Read along and see if you can answer the questions below...

1. Why was the reef strangely quiet when Stanley woke up?

2. How do you think Stanley felt when he realised everyone had left without him?

3. Why is the lobster so grumpy?

4. Stanley 'didn't notice the dark shape coming up behind him' what mood do you think the author is trying to create for the reader? Choose the correct answer below:

a) The author is spreading happy vibes.

b) The author is creating tension and building suspense.

c) The author is being a silly sausage.

5. 'Stanley began to feel ________ and _________.' Find two words in the text that show how Stanley was feeling in the cave.

6. When Stanley poked his head out of the cave, why was the sea glowing and glittering?

7. What do you think Stanley's friends asked him when he told them about the shark? "__________________________________________________________________?"

8. Where do you think Stanley's school swam off to when the story ends?

9. What adventures might they get up to if the story carried on going...use your imagination!

10. Can you make up the next part of the story? Write it down if you can. 

Miss Quinn's Books from Borneo

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(This is the first time I've filmed myself reading as you can probably tell haha but hope you enjoy!)

The last page :)

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Chapter 1

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Join me as I read Chapter 1. Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe.

What do you think of the characters so far?
Where do you think you would end up if you went through a magical wardrobe?
What do you think will happen to Lucy next?
Do you think Mr Tumnus will get into trouble for what he did?

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. See you soon for Chapter 2.