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Reading to Enjoy

This week, with your grow ups permission, we would like you to join the eLibrary. 
Click the link below to join the Library - If you are having issues with joining please contact  or phone  0113 378 5005
You can use your library card to browse and borrow from the collection of eBooks and eAudio books. They have added lots of new titles in eBook and eAudio format for children and young people which have unlimited downloads. 
Once you have joined and signed in you can browse and search for personal favourites, new releases or perhaps try a book one of your friends has recommended.
Browse using the link below to find an eBook you would love to read
If you prefer to listen to a story you can find an audio book to listen to here
Why not try some of these great books?  Send us a picture of what you chose. Happy reading!


Grandad's Island



Have a go at answering these questions whilst you watch it.


Have a look at the front cover, does this book remind you of one we have learnt about in Aspen and Hawthorn class?

Can you predict what might be behind the big, metal door in Grandad’s attic?

What do you think the phrase ‘they soon had everything shipshape’ means?

How do you think Syd felt when his Grandad told him he was thinking of staying on the island?


Pumpkin Soup

Where is this story set?

Which animals help to make the soup?

Why did the animals have an argument?

What’s another word the author has used instead of ‘cried’?