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Reading to Enjoy

Click on the link below to read this story and answer the comprehension questions underneath.

Can you find the answers to these questions in the story and write the answers in your writing book? Don't forget to use your best handwriting and PIP 


1. Why was it unusual for someone like Mo to love vegetables?


2. Why did he need a 'hidden garden' and a 'secret kitchen'?


3. Can you name the 3 vegetables that Mo 'crafted' into his 'delicious meals'?  ______________ , ________________ and _________________. 


4. What do you think 'devoured' means?


5. 'Mo's parents thought vegetables were ____________ and __________________.' Can you find the 2 words in the text that describe what Mo's parents thought about vegetables.


6. In the story, what does it say that zombies were supposed to eat? Choose one of the following options:

a) smelly socks, bogies and poo

b) brain cakes, brain stew and brain-and-bean tortillas 

c) slime crumble, fried toenails and camel snot


7. Mo's parents call him 'nino' ...what do you think that means? What makes you think that?


8. They also say 'gracias' ...what language do you think they speak? How do you know?


9. Why did Mo wonder if maybe he wasn't a zombie afterall?


10. What is 'gazpacho'? Can you look it up on the internet?


11. Chopped, diced, blended, pureed, perfected and poured...what kind of words are these? Choose one option:

a) nouns

b) adjectives

c) verbs


12. If Mo's parents came to your house for tea what would you feed them? Can you describe and draw the food?


13. Mo says to his parents, "I'm different. But I'm still me". What message do you think this story is trying to give?


14. Do you like vegetables? Why/why not? What are you favourite vegetables?


 15. If you have some vegetables at home could you help your adult include them in a delicious meal?


Well done for answering so many questions! Don't worry if you weren't sure of all the answers. As long as you had a go! 


If you would like to hear this story in Mo's home language then click on the next link...have you guessed what his language is yet?


The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Home learning idea: can you write some direct speech for each crayon? e.g. "You never colour inside the lines!" moaned the red crayon.
"I have been used too much and now I'm so short, I can't see out of the box!" cried the pink crayon.

If you were the author, what would each crayon say in the story?

The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt

Home learning idea: what might Duncan say to the crayons when they came home? Can you write down what he might say using direct speech? e.g. "I'm so happy you have come home, I will never treat you badly again!" promised Duncan.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Chapter 3 Edmund and the Wardrobe

Still image for this video
Here is Chapter 3 Edmund and the Wardrobe. For this chapter I dressed up as one of the characters. Can you work out who I am?
What do you think the Queen will do with Edmund? How would you describe the Queen?